The pre-med program offers some minimal hands-on experience & knowledge in various clinical specialties. The program encompasses anything from the clinical fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Peadiatrics, Clinical Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Critical care, General and Orthopeadic Surgery to the specialties of E.N.T, Ophthalmology and Radiology.

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Much on the program, you will also be able to do the following:

  • Attending ward rounds
  • Getting involved in bedside procedures under supervision i.e. phlebotomy, insertion of Intravenous cannullae, dressing and stitching of laceration, clerkship at casualty etc.
  • Assisting in theatre procedures like; Abscess drainage, Caesarian section, Appendectomy, Ganglion excision, Amputations, Laparatomies, Palmer abscess drainage, Manual Vacuum aspirations, Bilateral tubal ligation.

The student rotations and ward work are organized in a manner that most benefits the student in attaining practical experience and integrating knowledge and also in an approach that serves to benefit patient care.

Students are directed by the supervising doctors and consultants to enable them to draw an understanding of diverse aspects relating to the care of the patient e.g. relevant history taking in various body systems, physical examination, relevant laboratory investigations and their interpretation arriving at pertinent diagnoses and appropriate treatment measures.

Various procedures in the clinical medicine and pediatric rotations are viewed & carried out under supervision. The Premedical Study Program will prepare students for entry into medical, dental or any other health-related graduate programs.

The program provides guidance and support for students wishing to pursue these professional programs in future.